Total Nutrition Blend



Nothing else is as complete as Miracle 2000™
One Capful = Total Nutrition
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Over 120 Nutrients In EACH OUNCE for LESS than $1.00 per day!
    27 Vitamins & Minerals - 72 Ionic Trace Minerals 
    (Ionic is BETTER than colloidal - see most asked questions for details)
    18 Herbs plus Aloe - 8 Amino Acids
    Blue Green Algae - Antioxidants
    In a Great Tasting Synergistical Blend

    Great Taste

    Quick, Easy and Complete Nutrition

    Less than $1.00 per day  

    Better Health and Energy  TOP
One in six people have extreme difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules.
75% have difficulty remembering to take multiple supplements daily(vitamins - herbs - trace minerals - etc).”
80% find it too expensive to pay the $100 plus per month multiple supplements cost.
90% don't eat the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

 Compare THE INGREDIENTS to ANY product!
Miracle 2000Miracle 2000™ is the nutritional supplement of choice for today’s active lifestyle. In a pleasant tasting, easy to swallow liquid, Miracle 2000™ provides over 120 major and trace nutrients.  One capful per day contains every vitamin and mineral found in the human body and provides adults with complete nutrition for optimum health, performance and energy.
Each bottle lasts 32 days
Miracle 2000™ liquid nutrients are absorbed faster and assimilated more completely.  
One Capful = One Ounce = One Day's Supply
The All-In-One Total Nutrition Blend!  

*Our guarantee: Use up to 1/2 bottle of Miracle 2000. If you are not completely satisfied with your results, return the unused portion within 30 days for a full refund. Be sure to take as directed: One ounce per day
Recommended Usage: Take 1 capful daily (1 oz) with or after meals. Best if mixed with juice. Take 1/2 cap in the morning and 1/2 cap in the evening. For high energy demanding lifestyles, use 1 cap per 100 pounds of body weight. Children use 1/2 teaspoon per 25 lbs of body weight. One bottle is approximately 32 days supply for an adult.
ASK for MIRACLE 2000™ at YOUR LOCAL HEALTH FOOD STORE or To Order Call Century Systems at 1-800-843-9662  24hrs a day.
ALL IN STOCK ITEMS SHIPPED WITHIN 24 HOURS except on weekends and holidays! We only ship to U.S.A.
Please feel free to use our Contact/Info Request Form with any comments or questions you may have.  TOP

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